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Branding + Design$20 /h
A great brand is a company’s most valuable asset. The Mentus process brings a strategic,
comprehensive approach to strengthening brand value.
Web + Video$60 /h
Unless you have the right combination of compelling content, intuitive navigation, and stellar design, you risk losing your visitors in seconds. We create websites and videos that engage and excite
Marketing + Advertising$120 /h
Our marketing experience encompasses company and product launches, corporate image and behavioral campaigns.
Investor Communications + CSR$300 /h
Building brand value at any point in a company’s lifecycle is our strong suit. We are specialists with inspired creative, exceptional storytelling and account service to deliver the right annual report format to a new generation of investors.
* This is only an estimated cost, it may vary under various circumstances up to 15%

Our Charges

Monthly Engagement


(minimum 70 hours)

  • Logo and branding projects
  • Website creation or optimization
  • SEO/SEM management
  • Social Media Management
  • Video or content creation

Ad Hoc Project


(no minimum)

  • Landing page creation
  • SEO/SEM audits
  • Company or product naming
  • Slide deck design or revamp
  • Graphic design and collaterals

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