Project Plan

Define, scope, and plan milestones for your next project

Preqiusit of Planning

Provide context on this project and explain how it fits into your organization’s strategic goals.

• Must have

Funeral Pre-Planning allows you to set aside funds and leave specific information regarding your own personal desires. It will greatly ease your family's burden.

• Nice to have

Funeral Pre-Planning is easy to do with America's Best Funeral Homes network. We work with leaders in the financial services sector who provide safe, stable & sound financial solutions to cover final expenses.

• Not in scope

Right now is the perfect time to take the first step towards protecting your family and ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled.

Our Full-Proff Steps to Successful Project Planning

  1. Prepare plan as a roadmap for stakeholders
  2. Break the project into a list of deliverables
  3. Colaborate with your team
  4. Identify risks
  5. Create a budget
  6. Add milestones
  7. Build compelling creative assets
  8. Assemble your go-to-market strategy
  9. Choose the right channels
  10. Activate your sales team
  11. Make it an event

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Our Project-Planning Checklist

We’ll close out the plans with an easy-to-use downloadable project planning checklist.

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